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Contact Info

SBG NorCal

1450 San Pablo Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94702

510 540 8283


At SBG NorCal, we believe in a safe, multifaceted approach to building fitness that emphasizes fundamentals while incorporating cutting-edge training developments. Members can improve their fitness in a safe, supportive atmosphere and take classes that are both challenging and exciting.

Our motivated, well trained, coaches are here to help you meet your fitness goals.

Boxing Bootcamp

Prepare to sweat! The 45-minute boxing boot camp is an intense and challenging but fun way to learn boxing skills and fundamentals, boost your metabolism and cardiovascular fitness and improve coordination. Students work drills on heavy bags, perform conditioning exercises, work hand pads and mitts in the ring and cover all functional areas of boxing fitness.

Fitness 101

Fitness 101 is the gym class you always wanted to have without the attitude and ugly shorts and tube socks. This class is designed to support a lifetime of fitness by focusing on 4 main areas of of conditioning: Stability-Mobility-Agility-Muscular Endurance. Why these 4? Because regardless of your lifestyle, age or sport these are the areas you must develop and maintain for optimum performance.  A typical class will include exercises with both body weight and weights of all types, elastic bands and medicine balls. It’s all done without the ego or posturing of your local chain gym.

Our motivated, well trained, coaches are here to help you meet your fitness goals.