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SBG NorCal

1450 San Pablo Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94702

510 540 8283

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Foundations Program 


Our Foundations Program is designed to get you started enjoying the benefits of martial arts training right away.

Foundations is about Fundamentals! The most IMPORTANT skills NOT the most Basic! 

You DO NOT have to be “in shape” to join.

Your training will be fun so that learning is easy.

In your first class you will learn about our unique training principles:

Non-Attribute Based Training  to develop skills that work against  stronger and bigger opponents

Progressive Resistance  to learn safely and quickly

I - Method  Introduction - Isolation - Integration, so that you  improve quickly

These principles of training guarantee that you will improve quickly and safely. The confidence you develop will be based on the knowledge of what you’ve actually done in class with your partners not on some fantasy dance or esoteric technique.


Combat Athlete Program


The Combat Athlete Program (CAP) is available to students who have competence in the Fundamentals of  the Foundations Program. Athletes with previous MMA or martial arts experience who have trained elsewhere should discuss participation with coaches.

CAP MMA – The CAP MMA program offers high-level training in the fundamental aspects of mixed martial arts: standup, the clinch, ground and wrestling. Particular emphasis is given to live drills that enable CAP athletes to enter a competitive event or a self defense situation with confidence in their skills.

CAP Striking – The CAP striking program is designed for kickboxing/muay thai students who wish to participate in more active sparring and drilling. Additionally, CAP MMA athletes looking to improve their striking for competition or self defense are encouraged to cross train in this program. Students spar with protective gear; work drills on mitts and pads and develop a striking style that focuses on their strengths while fine tuning areas where improvement is needed. The goal: to help the athlete develop a sharp delivery system based on solid fundamentals that will give them “game” in the ring, cage or street.

CAP Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) – The CAP BJJ program is for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students who have graduated from our Foundations classes. Training emphasizes active grappling with opponents as well as further mastery of the fundamental mechanics of BJJ.

CAP Grappling: Judo & Wrestling – The CAP wrestling program covers judo, Greco-Roman, freestyle, and folk style wrestling. The course is designed so these skills can be best used and applied in the study of Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu particularly in a competitive setting.

SBG NorCal Competition Team

  Our team, SBG NorCal, is composed of 3 parts: coaches, athletes and training partners with 1 goal: success in competition. The Competition Team program develops well-rounded  athletes and prepares them for participation in MMA, BJJ, sub-mission grappling, pankration and Muay Thai competition. Training is customized and tailored for each athlete to ensure they are physically and mentally ready to compete at their best. Our athletes have competed in events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere in California and hold numerous national and world titles.

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