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SBG NorCal

1450 San Pablo Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94702

510 540 8283

 For our current Orange/Yellow Tier

schedule please contact us via the "contact" tab. Thanks!

This is just a fraction of what we offer

For our Guests we’ve found these times to be the most convenient,


We offer over 30 Adult Classes  and over 15 Youth Classes each week

Early Mornings and Saturdays

Afternoon and Evenings


Adults & Teens

Boxing BootCamp  

Mon - Thursday Evenings

  Mon/Weds Early Mornings

Saturday - Morning


 Thai Boxing

                                         Tues/Thurs Evening                                         


 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  

Mon/Tues/Weds/Thursday Evening

Saturday  Morning


Mixed Martial Arts

Tue/Thur Evening

Fitness 101

Mon/Wed Evening

Saturday Morning



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  

Mon/Weds Afternoon

Saturday Morning


Mixed Martial Arts

 Tue/Thur Afternoon

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