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1450 San Pablo Avenue

Berkeley, California 94702

Our Members - MMA, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Moms, Dads and Kids Practitioners

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Our Programs

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

SBG NorCal offers a unique, structured, BJJ curriculum focused on enabling each individual to excel, from the hobbyist to the world class athlete.


Our kickboxing classes combine international boxing, Muay Thai and other striking arts for an effective self-defense and fitness regimen.

Mixed Martial Arts

Our curriculum incorporates fundamentals of several martial arts – judo, jiu-jitsu and international boxing, among others.

Boxing Bootcamp

Prepare to sweat! The 45-minute boxing boot camp is an intense and challenging but fun way to learn boxing skills, fundamentals, & boost your metabolism.

Who Are We?

SBG NorCal offers classes, training and coaching for all ages and levels in mixed martial arts (MMA), kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, functional fitness, kettlebell training, and conditioning. It’s been our lifelong dream to run a gym and we think of our students as an extension of our family.

SBG NorCal is a member of Straight Blast Gym International and was formed by Lily & Alan Pagle in 2002. Our philosophy is based on our firm conviction that learning and growth – both physical and mental – can take place at any age or from any starting point. All that is required is good coaching and a supportive environment where you can learn skills and enjoy training. That’s what we provide and that makes consistency on your part easy! We’re ready to help you reach your training goals.

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Testimonials - What members and parents are saying

"I love this place.  The owners are caring and responsive and they have created a welcoming environment for both newcomers and fitness fanatics.  The kid's classes are fun and rigorous.  When my son earned his first belt, I knew he really earned it.  The instructors do a great job in creating a supportive atmosphere where they emphasize respect and sportsmanship. I have been with the gym for over two years and it feels like a second home now. I also love that I can watch my son's class while I work out since they both take place at the same time... thank you, we are a happier, stronger family with your influence." 

                                                -Susanna B 

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The Best Way to Teach and Learn BJJ • Survive and Escape Podcast

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The Best Way to Teach and Learn BJJ • Survive and Escape Podcast
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The Best Way to Teach and Learn BJJ • Survive and Escape Podcast

The Best Way to Teach and Learn BJJ • Survive and Escape Podcast

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How to do a Shovel Hook

How to do a Shovel Hook

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Overhand Right - How to Hit a Tall Guy

Overhand Right - How to Hit a Tall Guy

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