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Fun Not Fear

Since the beginning this has been one of the catch phrases for our gym. And there are 2 aspects to it.

#1 is you (or especially your child) should not be going to some whacked out self defense school where they will feed on our normal fears and promise to make you safe against all kinds of “crazydrunkfootballplayer/nomakethat1/2theteamarmedwithapitbull just don’t use your critical thinking when we tell you this will stop’emdeadintheirtrackseverytime!”

What we all need is a place where we can safely train with resisting partners using techniques that have been proven to work while we sweat and smile. Develop your awareness and whether you’re a police officer or in an abusive relationship or living in a quiet town with a supportive family – Don’t magnify or diminish your reality. Fear is one cause of this process of misperception. Don’t let your teacher or the deodorant commercial you’re watching talk you out of using your common sense.

#2 Is martial arts schools where the teacher actually terrorizes the students with brutality. I’m going to tell a story. It came right from the mouth of the practitioner, who at the time was doing aikido. Now this guy, was my dental tech and I knew him for years. We would always talk about our martial arts training. He was training with a teacher here in the Bay Area who was known for being very “old school”. Which basically meant 2 things: no student ever threw him and he frequently injured his students when he threw them. One time I told him how much fun I was having training bjj. Six months later when I saw him again he confided in me that in all the years he had been training aikido he was scared every time he headed to train. I’m not sure how I put it, but I some how politely told him he should leave that sh*t behind as fast as possible. Eventually he did, now he trains jiu jitsu in the City, where he lives.

In the right environment everyone (not just the sensei or the pro-fighter) should be having a great time building the biggest can of kick ass possible.

Consider fully & Act decisively


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