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My Trip: Motor Skill Learning, Frequency, and Variety


  • Frequency – fresh

  • Intensity

  • Duration

  • Variety – fresh

  • Recovery

Frequency & Variety: While the pairings on previous blogs have a certain logic applied to their coupling frequency could be easily partnered up with intensity or duration. Variety is, well… variety. Don’t be afraid to change things up. Apply variety when you feel bored with your training or you feel yourself at a plateau. Caution – do not confuse variety with random. Random will kill your progress.

So let us use frequency as a way to look at the end objective in motor skill learning, adaption. By adaptation I mean a change in our responses/behavior. While Blooms’ taxonomy on psychomotor skill learning clarifies a hierarchy of performance levels by placing adaption near the top when an athlete can “modify movement patterns to fit specific requirements”. What I mean by adaptation is the change in our responses/behavior over the course of time and training. If you apply all five of the other principles of training to your annual training session – no adaptation will occur. Your body will tell you how frequently you can train, you just have to listen to it and apply the principles. The adaptation we seek is produced in an evolutionary manner; the more you can place yourself in the environment you want to adapt to – the faster the adaptation will occur.

The adaptation I seek is to become a better jiu jitsu grappler. The more quality time I can spend on the mat grappling the better.

ps-none of what I’m doing constitutes advice. Its my trip. However one note of caution – you WILL adapt to the environment you place yourself in. So look carefully at the other persons who have been in that environment longer than you and ask yourself if you want to be like them.

Consider fully & Act decisively


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